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Web Information Architecture Specialist

Strategic Consulting

We get to know your company’s products, services, and ideal clients. We interview our clients asking which services or products bring in the bulk of revenue. Understanding your business inform our efforts.

Quick Response Time

We feel it is imperative that nothing impedes communication with our clients. We always respond within 24 hours of an email. If you call during business hours we pick up the phone.

Long Term Client Retention

Our clients have been with us for years. We have built lasting relationships. We react swiftly to client needs and concerns. We deliver results.

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Results Driven SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

Tailored digital marketing via data-driven strategies to create business growth. We care about your revenue growth over website clicks.

SEO Richmond is a leading-edge and forward thinking SEO company. We focus on organic traffic, paid search & giving your company the competitive advantage.

Our optimization techniques have improved client earnings by tens of millions of dollars

We only take on a handful of clients. We look for great clients.

We are current, intuitive & knowledgeable

SEO Richmond is more than up to date with Google algorithms changes and SEO trends. We look forward to the future and build sites today which are relevant three to five years and beyond. Search engine optimization’s foundation starts with proper information architecture.

Improving our clients businesses and lives

Our clients feel confident about their online presence. They know their ideal customers are finding them. Their businesses are growing. Digital marketing is something that does not give them stress.

Delivering you consistent quality leads

You know your online branding is solid and your ideal customers are finding you. Also, your time is not wasted by customers who are not appropriate for your business. You sleep easy at night knowing your web presence is working


We provide fast & secure WordPress websites that deliver ideal customers

Our client’s sites rank, they are fast and secure. We provide fast and secure hosting. Local business or a national corporation we take care of the totality of entities information architecture.

SEO Richmond’s reviews speak for themselves. Our clients work directly with our founder Johnny Base. We have a client base which has been with us for years. Your business receives personal attention. Moreover, our prices are incredibly reasonable for what we deliver.

We optimize your websites, Google My Business listing, social media and AdWords account, your total online presence.

We address the totality of your online presence. Today just having a website is not enough to rank. If you are a local business, even a national corporation you need a Google My Business listing to establish and verify your entity. Google also expects some social media accounts. AdWords accounts must be set up correctly otherwise you could be losing thousands. All must be optimized and edited semantically to have the most impact. What does that mean? It means you should hire someone who knows what they are doing, has a track record of success, and continually reviews the totality of your online presence. Moreover, they execute and deliver.

Optimized WordPress Websites
Organized Information Architecture
Client Retention

How We Achieve Success

Adjust Digital Platforms

Adjust your website, content, and layout over time based on verifiable data. Using data on how people use your site. We adjust the content and design to optimize for the best possible user experience.


Online Branding

We build strong online branding. Controlling how your business is viewed online. We make sure your clients find you online at your best by organizing your businesses digital profile.

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Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to analyze your website traffic and performance. We use Google My Business insights to understand how people are finding your business and your website.

We believe in entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners.
Track ROI

We put systems in place track revenue over clicks. It is extremely important you know what revenue is generated from your website and digital properties. Then you know your digital marketing ROI and you can allocate your hard earned dollars accurately.

Website Speed

We optimize your website for speed and security. All our client’s websites are fast. Also, each site is secure using HTTPS. Google will not rank a site today at the top of page one unless the site is fast and secure.

Web Designers

Holistic Approach

We are concerned with the totality of your company’s online presence. We correct any errors building a solid foundation of web information architecture.

Basic SEO & Hosting Prices

Basic monthly SEO & Hosting
per month
5,000 monthly visits
5GB disk
250GB bandwidth
CDN (+$10/mo)
1 WordPress install
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Above average speed

Speed, Security, SEO & Hosting
per month
25,000 monthly visits
10GB disk
500GB bandwidth
CDN (+$10/mo)
Free SSL certificate
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Blazing fast speed


Customized SEO Services

One size does not fit everyone. Each client’s situations and needs are different. We offer tailored SEO and digital marketing services. We tailor your strategic SEO campaign specifically to your company’s ideal clients, goals and needs. We’re happy to review your online presence for FREE. Call us and let’s schedule a time to discuss your company’s current online presence